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Best practice resale checklist

Once you’ve claimed your event, here are the best ways to help your fans


☑ Step 1 - Update ticket link on facebook​

☑ Step 2 - Pin a sold out post on facebook event discussion

“This event is SOLD OUT. If you missed out on a ticket, or can no longer make the gig, head to Tixel for safe resale. 

We require all correct names to be on each ticket (matching your ID). Security will be checking this at the door. 

Buy, sell or join the waitlist here —> ( TIXEL LINK HERE)”

☑ Step 3 - Send email to ticket holders letting them know they can safely sell tickets to waiting fans



☑ Step 1 - Facebook event description

“Can't make the gig? Buy/sell here → (TIXEL LINK HERE)

We require all correct names to be on each ticket (matching your ID). Security will be checking this at the door. The only way to update the name on your ticket is through Tixel. More info on resale + FAQs here → (LINK to WEBSITE FAQs HERE)"

☑  Step 2 - FAQ's

Can I resell my ticket?

“We are working with Tixel [hyperlink to event page] who provide a safe and easy place for you sell your ticket to another fan.

To sell your ticket please go to then follow the instructions below.

1.      Click on list a ticket

2.     Click on the Eventbrite logo

3.     Log into your Eventbrite page where you purchased the original ticket

4.     Select the ticket you want to sell and follow the prompts.

​If you have already found a buyer for your ticket but want to complete the transaction safely, you can create a private sale by selecting the ‘make my listing private’ option at the final step.”

Is there a name on ticket Policy?


{Event Name} has a name on ticket policy, meaning that the name on your ticket must match your ID. Security will be checking this as you enter the event. It is important that any ticket transfers are arranged ahead of time, or you run the risk of that ticket being invalid for your use on the day of the event. Any tickets purchased through official outlets will require you to confirm the name of each attendee before purchasing tickets.




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