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A successful ticketing strategy doesn’t begin and end when tickets go on sale.

Providing flexibility to your fans at each stage of the campaign drives earlier sell-outs

and higher attendance at events.


Tixel is here to help you every step of the way, which is why we’ve created a complete

communication guide to help you drive demand and maximise attendance while

protecting your fans from scammers.

Here's a quick summary (or click to jump to a section)



Tixel gives fans the confidence to buy tickets early. In fact, 84% of event-goers said they’re more likely to purchase tickets early if they know that they’ll have the option to easily resell their ticket later*. This is why it’s vital to ensure that Tixel is incorporated into your launch comms to help you maximise the impact of your onsale.

It's also important to outline your refund policy from the get-go. If you are not offering refunds, you can advise fans that Tixel is available as an alternative to seeking a refund.

Head here to add your event.

Ticketing page not live yet? Get in touch here and our team can assist or check out more info here.

Example copy:

"Can't make the event? Sell your tickets fast and fair through our resale partner, Tixel"

Contact your primary ticketing provider if you need any assistance.

Example copy:

"This event has a no refund policy. Can't make the event? Use Tixel to resell your ticket."

Example copy:

Q: Can I resell my ticket?

A: We are working with Tixel [hyperlink to event page] who provide a safe and easy place for you to sell your ticket to another fan.

To sell your ticket please go to and follow the prompts.

​If you have already found a buyer for your ticket but want to complete the transaction safely, you can create a private sale by selecting the ‘make my listing private’ option at the final step. 

Example copy:

Even if you have posts off or moderated, scammers can still sneak into the comments of approved posts. One way to tackle this is to block certain keywords to ensure that people aren’t making comments about selling or buying tickets.

Check out our full Scam Stopping guide here for more info on how to fend off bots and scammers on your socials




Even before your event is sold out, there will be fans whose plans change. Directing fans toward the official resale page will allow fans to safely resell their ticket and reduce the number of no-shows and refund requests on your event, while also protecting buyers from purchasing fraudulent tickets.

As a Tixel partner, you will have insight into the event’s aftermarket and know exactly who is actually walking through the door of your event. With the resale rate of events ranging between 15-40%, this is unlocking a huge data set of fans for you to market to in the future.

Make sure your primary link is directing fans to your ticketing provider. Click here for instruction on how to add your primary ticketing link to your Tixel page.

Post in your event and auto-moderate your page.

Example copy:

"Please be aware of ticket scammers. Tickets are still available from our website.

As a reminder, the only place to buy/sell secondhand tickets is from our resale partner Tixel"

Check out our scam stopping guide here.

Update your customer support canned responses for queries related to name changes​, refund requests and resale. 




Congratulations on selling out! 🥳 But your campaign isn’t over yet as these days event tickets are considered an option, not a commitment.


When announcing lineups and providing pre-event updates to keep fans engaged, be sure to include your Tixel waitlist link. This will help you grow your audience and get live insights into any extra demand for your event. Fans who can no longer attend can sell their ticket instantly, boosting event attendance and minimising no-shows.


Remind fans regularly that Tixel is the only place to buy and sell tickets, saving you time on customer support related to scams, refunds, and name changes.

Example copy:

"This event is SOLD OUT. If you missed out on a ticket, or can no longer make the gig, head to Tixel for safe resale. Buy, sell or join the waitlist here (TIXEL LINK)"

Places to post:

  • Facebook - pin post in event discussion

  • Instagram - post on your story with Tixel link

  • Tiktok 

  • Twitter 

Check out the examples below.

Example copy:

  • Update your Linktree/link in bio

  • Update ticket links on your website

  • Update ticket links in your FB event and ticketing pages

  • Update Ad copy and other links/direct traffic to your resale page

Update your customer support canned responses for queries related to name changes​, refund requests and resale.