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Ticket Relief Tool

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Tixel, Australia and New Zealand's #1 independent fan exchange is partnering with ticketing companies to help event organizers minimize the impact of Covid-19.

The ticket relief program gives ticket holders the option to donate their ticket or swap it for a voucher instead of a refund, keeping funds in the pockets of those who put on the event

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Over $2M claimed in vouchers or donations, kept in the pockets of event owners..

Toby Mckinnon

Box Office Manager, The Corner Group

"Tixel has saved us a lot of headaches and money. With the organizer relief tool, we were able to let ticket holders know their options which allowed us to tap into the sense of community that makes live events so special"

Some of our partners...
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Let your audience support you

Donation: Let fans waive their ticket to help in these trying times 

Voucher: Let fans claim a voucher to spend on one of your future shows

Refund: Let fans initiate a refund

Keep Ticket: Encourage fans to keep their ticket for a future rescheduled show.

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Let ticket holders donate a portion of their ticket price..

Refund alternatives

Set-up in three steps

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Select Event

Link your Eventbrite account and choose the canceled or rescheduled event


Set refund alternatives

Select which options you want to offer fans (Donation, Coupon, Refund)


Send custom email

Send a customized email out to all ticket holders. Tixel will keep track, issue coupons and consolidate refund information for you.


Give fans a choice

Encourage fans to donate their ticket or swap it for a voucher.


Less customer support

Save precious time by streamlining your cancellation process.


Communicate with Fans

Easily connect a list of all ticket holders and send a custom mail out to notify fans of options for cancelled rescheduled events.


Manage Risk

Offer fans the option to claim coupons for one of your future events or contribute to a donation to a worthwhile cause instead of a refund. Replace slow manual refund processes with an easy to set up tool.


Quick set up

Tixel connects with both the organizer’s and fan’s Eventbrite. The tool automatically records attendee responses, ensures all coupons are issued and refunds are actionable.

Get Started

Our partnerships manager will guide you through the onboarding journey with Tixel, and have you setup in no time. Once you're setup you'll be able to minimize the impact of refunds on your event.

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