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Tixel works alongside event organisers and primary-ticketers to help eliminate unfair pricing and fraud in the secondary market. 


By partnering with Tixel, event owners access better insights into their fanbase, reach new audiences and ultimately sell more tickets.

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What our partners say...
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Chris McDonnell

Head of Music, Eventbrite APAC

With up to 35% of tickets changing hands after initial primary sale, working with Tixel has allowed Eventbrite to offer our partners a unique product that saves them time, money and customer support. With better ticketing outcomes and better insights on all fans, partnering with Tixel has ultimately lead to organisers selling more tickets year on year.


For Eventbrite this means improved retention of our clients and a smoother experience for ticket holders. An amazing product and an amazing team to work with.

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Nicholas Greco

Director, Untitled Group

Over 6 years we have been trying to improve every element of the fan experience at Beyond The Valley and Tixel has been a big part of that. Aside from protecting our fans from scalping, it gives them the confidence to buy tickets early knowing a resale market will open up closer to the event if their plans change.

Benefits for Event Organisers

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Gauge Demand

Tixel offers a live waitlist where fans receive notifications in real-time when sellers list their tickets for sale. This is not only a great way to gauge demand for a second show or additional ticket allocations, but also to capture new fan which drives future ticket sales


Empowers Fans

Beat scammers and touts once and for all


Reduce no-shows

Ensure more tickets end up in the hands of real fans


Capture Data

Capture Spotify listening preferences and insert tracking pixels


Visibility over fans

Reach more of your fanbase and have visibility over fans that buy from secondary market — 15-30% of tickets change hands


Customer support

Less headaches and customer support, saving you valuable time


Drive earlier sales

Past partnerships show that fans are more likely to buy tickets early if there is an easy place to re-sell if plans change

Tixel integrates with primary ticketing systems


All sales are transferred safely

Tixel connects with your ticketing system account to transfer and track each attendee as tickets are resold.


End-to-end security

Each ticket is validated when its listed on Tixel to ensure its validity. We also verify all buys and sellers.

Ticket Partner Case Studies
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Case Study

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Case Study

Exploring the promoter dashboard...
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"I felt like I could trust Tixel from the second I went onto their website. Great to be able to rely on a service in an 'easy to scam' marketplace."

4.8 Stars on Google

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To set up your Tixel event, get in touch with us and we will get back to you soon to help set up your account!

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